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Through wellness education and advocacy, Meridian Health is committed to keeping Monmouth and Ocean County residents on their feet, at their best and living life to the fullest. For Meridian, it’s about redefining traditional “health care” to include nutrition, fitness and, ultimately, healthier and more rewarding lives for our friends, our parents, our children.

Health Wellness Center

The Meridian Health Wellness Center is a comprehensive online resource library of health information, news and dynamic content.

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When life brought them an unexpected health challenge, they all turned to the remarkable doctors, nurses, and caregivers of Meridian Health for answers. Explore stories of hope, strength, trust, and survival for some of the patients in your community with Meridian HealthViews and Meridian KidViews.


Your news. Your health. Your life. My Health eNews from Meridian Health is a personalized health e-newsletter covered all your health care needs.

  • Choose the news you want from more than two dozen topics.
  • Medically-reviewed, breaking health news from 350+ sources, delivered monthly to your inbox.
  • Your username and password ensure your personalized news is delivered only to you.
  • Reminders for health screenings and other periodic exams recommended by the CDC based on your age and gender.
  • Customize your reminder dates and create additional reminders.
  • Add information about loved ones to also receive health reminders for them.

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Meridian Momtourage

Meridian Momtourage is a one-stop resource for local expectant and experienced moms, featuring:

  • Interactive tools, including podcasts and videos for important pregnancy milestones
  • A complete listing of Meridian's OB/GYN's, Pediatricians, and Pediatric Specialists, searchable by hospital or town
  • An overview of Meridian's childbirth and family classes
  • The latest children's health news

The Momtourage community offers busy moms the opportunity to connect quickly and easily. Join the community where local moms can share, learn and grow together.

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Meridian Weightless

Losing weight is a personal and ongoing struggle for so many, with critical decision points that require support, particularly the choice to have bariatric surgery. brings together information about exercise, nutrition, healthy living, bariatric surgery, clinical experts, and an online community to support you every step of the way.

At individuals seeking to get and stay healthy can find a supportive and encouraging environment to help them reach their goals.

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