Health Resources

Whether it's how to prevent illness, how to know if you should visit a doctor, or what you should do if you are diagnosed with a condition, you should be able to access the health resources and information to help you understand your health and the health of your loved ones.

Additionally, our Patient Stories and Publications provide you the opportunity to learn about health conditions through the experiences of others.

Kid’s Health
Whether it’s colic or a concussion, runny nose or runner’s knee, it’s easy to get overwhelmed managing the health and safety of your kids. The information here will help ease your mind and get your child back to 100 percent in no time.

Booker Health Sciences Library
The Booker Health Sciences Library was formed from the collections of the former Medical Library and the Ann May School of Nursing Library to provide resources in print, non-print and electronic formats to meet the information, education and research needs of the Meridian Health community, including physicians, house staff, nurses, other health care professionals, managers, administrators, employees, students, patients and their families.

The Booker Health Sciences Library is open to the public and includes a consumer health collection, featuring a home delivery service.

Health Care Reform Resource Center
Having trouble finding health insurance that fits your needs and your budget? Look no further than the Health Insurance Marketplace.

When simplicity and speed are of top priority, iTriage will diagnose and point patients toward the care they need in three simple steps: “Check symptoms.” “Look up conditions.” “Find nearby doctor, clinic, or ER.” When time is what matters most, iTriage is a patient’s most trusted ally.

Caucus TV
Meridian Health, in partnership with Caucus Educational Corporation, is proud to present its “Taking Care of New Jersey” Health Series as part of its overall mission to improve the health and well-being of New Jersey residents. These engaging interviews provide compelling and timely information to keep you and your family healthy and get you back to the life you love!