Lisa Sussman

Lisa Sussman, Psy.D.

Lisa SussmanDr. Sussman is a clinical psychologist licensed in NJ and CA. She has over 20 years of experience working in inpatient and outpatient medical, and behavioral health settings such as a burn unit, spinal cord, cardiac, and traumatic brain injury rehabilitation, a musculoskeletal clinic, and hospital-based behavioral health centers. Dr. Sussman earned her doctorate and graduate degrees at Florida Tech. She is also certified in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), which combines using acupressure from Eastern Medicine with traditional psychology interventions.

In 2005, Dr. Sussman joined Meridian Health in their hospital-based outpatient behavioral health center. Her passion is to help people connect with their inner wisdom and outer resources and learn skills to take great care of themselves and thrive in body, mind, and spirit. She uses several modalities such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, positive psychology, EFT, and other energy based interventions. Dr. Sussman guides people in learning skills which not only help them adjust to their medical status, improve quality of life and change their mindset, but to shift into and maintain a lifestyle which promotes positive mind-body change, healing, and wellness.

Dr. Sussman now brings her knowledge, skills, and passion as a Health Psychologist to Meridian Integrative Health & Medicine.