Emergency Medicine


Emergency Medicine at Meridian HealthDesigned to provide extraordinary care and comfort the moment you arrive, emergency treatment at Meridian Health hospitals and care centers promises unmatched care and cutting-edge technology in a calm, comfortable healing environment.

When You Arrive
At each of our hospitals and emergency care locations, we take every measure to ensure all patients receive the best emergency care as quickly as possible.  Upon arrival, patients requiring emergency care are first evaluated by a registered nurse, who obtains a brief history of the patient’s medical problem, evaluates his/her vital signs (such as temperature and blood pressure), and has the patient or a family member check in with a registration clerk.

Registration is important because it creates a record of our patients’ visits. Here, patients are asked to sign consent forms authorizing the care provided. Parental or legal guardian consent is required for children younger than age 18.

Space to Work
Emergency medical treatment requires space and function, so the number of visitors in the emergency treatment area must be kept to a minimum. During emergency care, we may ask family to leave the treatment area in order to give our emergency team sufficient space to perform their duties quickly while also maintaining the patient’s privacy.

If the patient is well enough to be discharged directly from the emergency department, a nurse will review the doctor's discharge instructions and provide information on how to care for their illness or injury at home, if needed. He or she will also refer them to a physician for follow-up care.

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