Pricing Inquiries

A pricing specialist is available to help you understand what your potential out of pocket costs will be for services at Meridian Health. Patients can call 732-902-7077 and request a price estimate for a service or procedure at Meridian Health. You will receive a call back within 24 hours, Monday through Friday, from a Pricing Specialist. 

  • If you have the CPT code for your service, that will help us improve the accuracy of the charges.
  • If the CPT code is not available, a complete description is needed to provide the charge for a specific service.   
  • You can contact the doctor that ordered the service or procedure to get the CPT code or an exact description of the specific service.   

The Pricing Specialist will be able to provide basic information including an estimate of charges for specific CPT codes. We can also estimate the out-of-pocket expenses for patients who have insurance.  

The estimate is not a guarantee of the amount you may owe the hospital.  Estimates are based on the information you provided. Please note it is your responsibility to obtain the necessary authorization for the procedure/test from your insurance company and that if you are denied due to no authorization you may be responsible for the entire bill.