Corporate Compliance Program

The Corporate Compliance Program (CCP) was developed to provide consistent and accurate communication of corporate policies and procedures in the areas of compliance with federal and state laws, regulations and Meridian's Code of Conduct (Code) for the Meridian Health System.

The CCP is intended to guide and support each team member in undertaking responsibility for an environment of compliance. High standards of ethical conduct will be maintained in all practices including, but not limited to: patient care, admission, transfer, discharge, billing, marketing, and relationships with other healthcare providers, educational institutions, payers, contractors and vendors.

Elements of the program include setting and communicating standards (the Code and Policies and Procedures), education, providing a mechanism for reporting possible violations of Meridian’s internal policies or external laws or regulations, monitoring and auditing to identify and address any potential instances of fraud or abuse of governmental health insurance programs, and maintaining an organizational structure that supports the furtherance of the program.

The Meridian Compliance Program has a toll free phone number 1-877-888-8030 which enables Meridian Health employees, patients or vendors to report compliance related issues or possible violations of patient privacy or confidentiality.

Calls to the Meridian ComplyLine can be made anonymously if the caller chooses. All calls are kept confidential and anonymity is protected to the extent allowable by law.

When you submit your report, you will be given a Report Number and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and instructions on how to follow up on your report.

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