Annual Report

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Message from the President

Just as the motto of the Boy Scouts tells us to “be prepared,” Meridian Health has been preparing and positioning itself for the future of health care. In a time when hospitals are struggling to keep up with health care reform, Meridian has risen to accept the challenge of the industry’s demands – and answered with success. As the most successful financial year in our organization’s history, 2015 brought with it opportunities that other health systems are straining to achieve. For Meridian, the sky is no longer the
limit; we’re beginning to aim far beyond it. 

For the past few years we have had a front row seat for one of the most significant transformations of the health care industry in modern history. The old sick-care system has transitioned to one based on prevention and wellness. The adage, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” has suddenly come of age as we turn our attention to reducing risk factors that lead to chronic diseases and improving overall health. The old fee-for-service model of care delivery has shifted to a new paradigm of value-based care to control rising health care costs and improve quality. And, health care technology is moving at the speed of light. 

One thing is clear — there is no room for complacency. Meridian continues to face these challenges head on with a continued focus on safety, quality, and providing a second to none patient experience. Our continuum of care has continued to grow, positioning us well for the future. 

Our merger with Raritan Bay Medical Center and our proposed merger with Hackensack University Health Network will enable us to enhance access to care and improve clinical quality and service to the communities we serve. Meridian Health Partners, our clinically integrated network of physicians and health care providers, remains focused on improving health outcomes and hospital quality to generate value – better quality at lower cost – for patients. And, we are working steadily to implement our new enterprise-wide information technology system to ensure full interoperability throughout the continuum of care. 

Meridian is also on a journey to become a High Reliability Organization that achieves zero patient harm. And we are holding ourselves accountable by shining a spotlight on our quality, performance, and outcomes data so we can set the bar higher for our quality efforts. After all, achieving a culture of safety and quality is what distinguishes our organization as a leading health care provider. 

In an ever-evolving environment such as health care, there is one constant that I am certain of: we must be innovative to stay ahead of the curve. From BuildingHope with our cancer expansions, to excelling in the nation’s most advanced technology, all the way to further developing our robust continuum of care, Meridian Health is the beacon to a bright future in health care. 

We are headed for an amazing future filled with endless possibilities, which could not be achieved without the support of our trustees, leaders, physicians, nurses, team members, volunteers, and you. We thank you for your interest in Meridian Health.



John K. Lloyd, FACHE
President, Meridian Health